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Turn non-serviceable leads
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Wherever they are or whatever they need, Baton helps you better serve your customers

15-30% of cancellations are Moving Customers.

Show appreciation by referring them to someone you trust in their new location.

Auxiliary Services
5-15% of sales requests are for Services Not Offered.

Don't just say "good luck" - refer them to someone who can help.

Out of Area
5-15% of sales requests are for Out of Area callers.

Extend your service reach by referring to a trusted partner.

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Baton is a platform that allows pest control and related home services companies to easily and securely refer customers to each other when they move, live out-of-area, or need a service not offered. We’re modernizing B2B referrals in a way that’s better for both companies and customers, turning “bad leads” into an entirely new revenue stream and brand-building experience. And the best part? Baton is free to join.

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Simple Process

Create Profile. Let companies know what services you do and where, as well as what you’re willing to pay for leads

Start referring. Baton makes it super easy to send leads to other companies. You may DIY or use many of our integrations.

Get referred. That’s it! The more you refer, the more you are likely to get referred. Self fund your lead program today.

Easy to integrate

The last thing your sales agents need is another platform or chrome tab to have opened. That’s why we’re integrated with common CRMs and call center softwares to make referral submission seamless and automated.

Submit referrals, manage billing, and view your entire referral history from one place within your Baton dashboard. Want to make referring fit in with your existing processes? Our integrations make it easy.

Grow Together with Baton
Pledge to Protect

Worried about referring your existing customers to potential competitors? Baton is your advocate when it comes to protecting your customers and reputation through referrals. We have taken great care to ensure current customer referrals are sent only to companies who agree to our Pledge to Protect, and when possible give preference to niche-specific, non-competitive providers. Baton also records calls, solicits feedback from referred customers, and handles partner disputes in the event of a misunderstanding.

Referrals have never been more secure.

Grow your network instantly

Baton is incredibly valuable for us. It helps monetize leads from areas and services we don't cover. With Baton, we easily answer the common question, "Who would you recommend?" This enhances our customer experience, adding value to our brand. Baton's simplicity, ease of use, and seamless integration into our conversations make it stand out. Plus, we receive higher-quality leads compared to many other sources.
Baton is great! It has allowed our company to easily provide trusted referrals to new and existing customers. People appreciate that we are a great resource for a myriad of pest problems. We fully recommend Baton.
Baton is the most successful marketing partner that we have added in the last 18 months. We want referrals. Any industry would want that and the most impactful thing is the warmth of the Baton referral.
In the last few months, Baton has been giving us sales AND money. They are a must-have if you are in the pest control industry.
Baton has a great product. They are passionate about bringing value to our clients. You get qualified, affordable, vetted leads when you’re on the receiving end. If and when you receive leads that are outside your service area, offerings, or schedule, you can quickly sell those leads to other highly-rated operators with a click of a button on the Baton platform. Training your team to use it is a piece of cake since the interface is so user-friendly and intuitive.
I joined Baton’s network and received my first referral in less than 24 hours!
So we’re just making money from Baton, which is huge. That is not the case for any other lead provider that we use. And so, that’s a no-brainer, which is awesome
I’d like to give a shout-out to Baton! Every year, our inside sales department receives 2,000+ non-qualified leads and in the past, we had nowhere to send these callers other than back to a Google search.Not only does Baton give us a payout for every referral we send them, but we now have a phone number to provide our non-leads with and we get to help grow other companies. If you’re a pest/wildlife control company and you’re not using them, get on it now 👍

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